About Us

Since our founding by a hardy group of spiritual pioneers more than twenty years before the Civil War, the Congregational Church of Bristol, Maine has faithfully sought to be the visible presence of Jesus Christ in our community and beyond. We welcome all to our worship services and events, open our facility to local groups, reach out to the needy, and share the Good News in thought, word, and deed. Although we would quickly admit our imperfections, we make an honest attempt to be friendly, supportive, forgiving, and tolerant. If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to join us on the journey of faith. We are truly blessed by our loving God!

About our Church Staff . . .

Rev. James P. Dowse is our Pastor. He and his wife, Maury, “dropped anchor” in Bristol in 2016. After serving churches in Ohio, New York, Connecticut, and Vermont for nearly forty years, the Dowses moved back to Maine to “retire.” The good Lord had a different idea in mind! Pastor Jim has been at the CCOB helm since August, 2016. As he likes to say at the beginning of worship, “Welcome aboard! All hands on deck. Let’s worship God in spirit and truth.” Jim and Maury are blessed with two children, Sam and Beth, their spouses, Ginny and Joe, and two grandsons, Connor and Evan.

Trisha Demers is our Music Director. More on Trisha to follow soon.

Debbie Mikulak is our Church Administrator. Debbie joined us in August 2011 and is responsible for getting our weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter published, handling the rentals of the Russell Parish House, and performing other administrative duties. Debbie and her husband, Fred Bloom, moved to Maine in 2011 from southeastern Pennsylvania where they owned and operated a goat dairy.

Phil Averill is our Sexton. Phil became involved with CCOB in 1988 to give his daughter a church experience. After a career in fisheries engineering, he was then a marine educator traveling all over the state making presentations in schools. In between school gigs, Phil started a handyman business and began helping Millie Masters with church maintenance issues and, upon her passing, evolved into the Sexton position. Now retired from both businesses, as Sexton Phil oversees campus maintenance and operations ranging from buying paper towels to rehanging the bell in the steeple.

2016 Annual Report (final)