A Pilgrim’s Ponderings       February,2019

Greetings to Christ’s faithful disciples in Bristol Mills,

Our church’s annual meeting was held after worship on Sunday, February 3. As far as annual church meetings go, I think ours went smoothly. We approved the proposed 2019 budget and the reports of the nominating and by-laws revision committees. The only item under either old or new business was my request for six people to volunteer as Sunday School teachers. We are now blessed with two children who come to worship regularly with their mother. The time has certainly come to “resurrect” our Christian education ministry with children. Can you help?

You probably don’t wake up in the morning or go to bed at night poring over the details of the church’s budget. Yet, it’s good to know that our financial resources are being invested in ministries that change lives. One small item in the budget makes a big difference in my life. The church graciously allots me $400 per year for so-called “Professional Materials.” Over the years I’ve bought robes and stoles and other professional pastoral materials. But the great majority of this line item I set aside for purchasing books. I’m what the dictionary calls a bibliophile: “a person who loves or collects books.” Just a few moments ago, before writing this month’s version of “Ponderings,” I ordered some books from Cokesbury, a major Christian book distributor affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Now, I have to wait until the books arrive at the house. Lord, give me patience!

Have you read any good books lately, as the saying goes? Our libraries here on the Pemaquid Peninsula have excellent collections of fiction, non-fiction, biographies, poetry, history and a whole host of interesting subjects. Even a quick glance at our church’s library reveals a variety of titles and subjects. For me, going into a book store is about as fun (and tempting!) as a child going into the Granite Hall store in Round Pond and buying lots and lots of penny candy (I’ve done that, too, but on a much more modest scale).

Jesus taught His disciples to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Sometimes we leave the mind out of the equation. The mind needs to be fed and exercised as much as the body. A good book helps in our faithful efforts to love God with all of our being.

Finally, have you read the Good Book lately? The Holy Bible is God’s inspired written Word. It tells the magnificent, life-changing story of God and His love for all humanity. It is a love story on the deepest level. God speaks to us today primarily through His Word. If you’re a regular Bible reader, keep up this important spiritual discipline. If you seldom read the Scriptures, I would be happy as your Pastor to help you develop and maintain a daily Bible reading schedule.

Thanking God for good books and the Good Book, I am,

Your brother in Christ and fellow pilgrim, Jim

Daily Bible Readings for week of Feb. 3rd:

Sunday                  Matthew 21:18-22

Monday                 Exodus 35:20-36:1

Tuesday                Psalm 138

Wednesday           Jeremiah 17:5-10

Thursday               I Corinthians 15:12-20

Friday                   Luke 6:17-26

Saturday                Luke 7:11-17

Happy February birthdays to: 4th-Jan Bacon, 6th-Michele Fink, 9th-Liza Cheney, 21st-Sandra Lane, 25th-Alyssa Shea, 27th-Merrillee Cheney, 28th-Jane Simonds

Feb. 11
Community Gathering Place, 1-3 PM. Beat “Cabin Fever” and come out for some refreshments, games, fellowship, & fun. Invite a friend or neighbor!

Feb. 10, 17, 24
New Members Class after worship in Library
Feb. 14, 21, 28
Winter Bible Study, 1 PM “Shortest Books of the Bible”

Trustees Meeting, 8:30 AM
CHURCH OFFICE HOURS ARE: Tuesday and Thursday, 9 AM—1 PM.

PASTOR DOWSE’S OFFICE HOURS ARE:  Monday & Thursday, 10 am—3 pm.