The 2017 Annual Report of the Board of Missions:
The members of the Missions Committee this year were Lora LeDuc, Jean Andersen, Ellen Hunter, Lily Mayer, Paul Cyr, and Lyn Prentice. We were sad to lose Lily as a member when she moved to Connecticut in September.

In April we had a good response from church members when they joined us in filling school kits for the CWS to distribute to children who needed them. Ellen and Ron Hunter delivered these to Woodford Congregational Church in Portland, the distribution center.

In September Church volunteers helped to supply sandwiches to CHIP’s volunteer workers for their annual “Community Cares Day.”

In October we took orders for “Soup to Go for CHIP,” and on November 10th our church customers picked up their pints or quarts of Fish Chowder, Vegetable Soup, or Chili, made by committee members. We made $425 to donate to CHIP.

In November Sandy Holmes collected “Coats for Adults” at church, and she collected 3 tall boxes filled with coats which she delivered to Bath, ME. For each coat donated, LL Bean donated $5 to go with it.

We participated in “Bread for the World” by sending 40 letters to our legislators asking them to support organizations and legislation which help fight world poverty and hunger.

Also in November our committee voted on how to distribute the money for missions from our annual church budget. We chose to give to the following organizations:

– Caring for Kids, $500
– CHIP, $500
– Every Dollar Feeds Kids (Mexico), $300
– Elder Care Network, $200
– Healthy Kids, $200
– Meals on Wheels, $200
– New Hope for Women, $100

Every month we’ve continued to send donations to the New Harbor Food Pantry, and throughout the year we’ve taken special offerings for these UCC funds: Neighbors in Need, One Great Hour of Sharing, Christmas Fund (for retired ministers), and from our annual budget, Our Church’s Wider Mission.

We’d like to thank our generous congregation for all of these donations.